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2000-03-12 18:18

And another bug, you couldn’t build GTK version without GNOME. Here’s a small patch: </files/irssi-0.7.28-2.diff> to fix both of the problems. The version 0.7.28-2 tarball also has these problems fixed.

2000-03-12 12:19

First small bug found, timestamps are printed only once in a second by default (if they are enabled, of course), use /set timestamp_timeout = -1 to fix this.

2000-03-11 20:12

Released 0.7.28. Lots of changes for irssi-text and a lot better support for multiple servers.

2000-03-06 00:47

Had to take a new screenshot, the last one was 4 months old.

2000-02-25 19:10

Released 0.7.27 with extremely flexible Perl scripting support. See here for a few example scripts (these come with irssi too).

2000-02-21 16:35

Posted by cras

Just some advertising: #irssi is now open in ircnet, openprojects network and efnet. So just join there and you can give me (cras) any suggestions, complains, etc.

And I don’t think I’ll continue with i2k anyway ;) Too much work, much easier to do small fixes one at a time to Irssi but still go towards i2k’s functionality (or what I thought it would be :).

And my “Would Like To do” list for Irssi is now: Finish Perl support, rewrite irssi text widget with one that takes as little memory as possible but still is faster than ever and ability to have pics among text. Replace notebook widget’s tabs with something prettier, do split windows to irssi-text and finally make a KDE version :)

2000-02-21 01:35

Posted by cras

Just though to mention, next irssi will have Perl support. There’s already some preliminary work in CVS. And I’m not very good with all those C <-> Perl stuffs (or Perl even..) so any help would be nice :) Anyway, here’s a that already works:

use Irssi;

sub myfunc {
        # $data = all arguments to /SAY, $server = current window's server
        my ($data, $server) = @_;

        $server->irc_send_cmd("PRIVMSG mynick :$data");
        return 1; # stops the /SAY from going to server
Irssi::signal_add("command say", "myfunc");

2000-02-19 19:00

Posted by cras

Irssi 0.7.26 released. This one will be the final, I promise ;) There’s only one bugfix, space didn’t work with GTK version if numlock/capslock was on. You can also get the diff to 0.7.25 here: </files/irssi-0.7.26.diff>. Apply it with cd …/irssi-0.7.25/src/gui-gnome; patch < irssi-0.7.26.diff