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1999-06-17 18:18

Posted on June 17th 1999

Made a nice screenshot of irssi-text :)

1999-06-10 23:40

Posted by cras on June 10th 1999

After moving irssi’s pages here I made hit counters .. I always thought irssi’s pages would take 5-10 or so hits / day .. Big surprise :) 126 hits yesterday of which 51 were from different IPs and 226 today of which 82 were different.. Need to get download counters done before I release 0.7.12 :)

1999-06-07 16:23

Posted on June 7th 1999

Moved irssi’s web pages here and modified them a bit too.. Colors are taken from slashdot, looks nice :)

1999-06-07 11:41

Posted by cras on June 7th 1999

I hate coding in several places :) Home, work and in my friends computer .. All of them had different irssi versions, I’ve been diffing them together every now and then but still forgotten to diff some. Today fixed the same two bugs for the third time ..

Anyway, irssi 0.7.11-2 released :) Those two small text mode version fixes and configure script bug fix.

1999-06-06 23:15

Posted on June 6th 1999

Irssi 0.7.11 released. Almost a month since last version.. But this has lots and lots of buf fixes and new great stuff and more is coming soon.

1999-05-09 20:45

Posted on May 9th 1999

Irssi 0.7.10 released. Lots of bugs fixed. ZVT support for displaying texts, a lot faster than GTK’s text widget. New DCC transfer dialog, and some other new things.

1999-04-22 20:36

Posted on April 22nd 1999

Irssi 0.7.9 released. Lots of bugs fixed, processes are used for nonblocking host resolving instead of threads and there’s a new status dialog.

1999-04-12 20:21

Posted on April 12th 1999

Irssi 0.7.8 released with some bug fixes, new plugin for sending command to irssi via named pipe, nick completion is finally working and lots of internal changes and more..