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2000-05-30 01:28

We have now registered, thanks to Carl Drinkwater who registered it just after two days of using irssi ;)

2000-05-26 23:23

Yes, the internet works. /me very very happy :) ..have to get a web cam.. or two, actually..

2000-05-26 13:56

Posted by cras

FINALLY - I got internet to home :) Took only 2 weeks actually, even while they told it would take 3-4 months. It’s a cable modem, hopefully works well where I live .. will see, it should work today/tomorrow. I was pretty desperate at some times actually :) I almost took a normal 56k modem but phone lines cost too much here, about 1/3 of what ADSL would cost. But ADSL and the rest had mostly 2 months of delivery time.. And the “free” internet that I was supposed to get .. well, don’t know, those people are too busy, maybe I will still get it.

And irssi - there’s a few big things that need to be done (dcc chat) and lots of smaller things until I could get some release out. Maybe it will speed up now that I can IRC from home too :) I have also been doing botnet for irssi, will try to replace those eggdrops with it some day :)

2000-04-27 13:56

Posted by cras

The changelog is now available (or has been since yesterday), and it’s also in CVS if anyone wants to try. I’ve heard that it works even while there are some problems. Need to do a bit more coding until I release it.

2000-04-25 10:26

Posted by cras

It’s amazing how much you can do when there’s no IRC you spend your time on. For example, you could code an IRC client 4 days in a row interrupted only by some sleep, 10 hours of x-files and few other tv shows :)

So, I would have put the changelog here, but I forgot the disk to home :( I’ll put it here tomorrow. There are LOTS of new really advanced features that I don’t think many clients have (for example regexp support in several places, a lot better logging and notifylist notifies of away and idle changes). And there’s a lot of EPIC-compatibility, I did it in as many places I could (and had time to), except where I could do better and break the epic syntax because of it. I’m not sure about it’s scripting and /ON command, maybe.. as a separate module.

I also quit my job today, an hour ago :) New place will be at springtoys, as a game developer. That’s a great place to work for, even while I’m not very enthusiastic about games.

2000-04-20 18:23

Posted by cras

So .. Still no internet at home, but I will most probably get it, hopefully soon :) I’ve been working on irssi’s rewrite so I’ll try to release pre-0.8.0 soon.

2000-03-31 14:36

Posted by cras

I’ll be moving to new apartment this weekend.. I don’t have internet connection there yet and I don’t know when I will get one .. since I’m trying to get one for free, will see next week if it happens :) Anyway, this probably means that I won’t be updating irssi until I have internet at home..

2000-03-20 00:03

Posted by cras

Yet another bug that affected new Irssi users, the default config file was broken.. Get a new one here: </files/config> and place it to irssi’s source dir and recompile. Version 0.7.28-3 tarball also fixes this.

I’ve also been cleaning up irssi’s sources a lot and merging i2k’s code to it. I’ll try to release a new clean version next weekend :)