News Archive released

Posted by cras on August 31st 2001

So, the first remote crash was found (isn't exploitable). Go upgrade to, or try the CVS version which should mostly work better than .98.4. Thanks for Snakeladder/OPN #irssi for noticing :)

UPDATE: is pretty much the same as, except fixes this remote crash (well, and contains one small fix too). So those of you who user CVS, or nightly CVS snaphots should just cvs update / get new nightly CVS snapshot. 0.7.99 will be released when I have time to fix those few nasty bugs in it..

UK mirror

Posted on August 23rd 2001

Yet another mirror (yes, the more the better :) - provided by Jonathan McDowell.

German mirror

Posted on August 12th 2001

There's now german mirror provided by Elmar K. Bins.

Nightly .deb CVS snapshot CHANGES

Posted by cras on August 12th 2001

Nightly .debs for HPPA and sparc architectures are now created by nk. I had to make some changes to make non-i386 arch work so you'll need to update your sources.list to:

  deb unstable ./
  deb-src sources/

BTW. The nightly snapshot generation was broken for the last few days but should work again.

Nightly slackware packages

Posted on August 9th 2001

Nightly slackware packages of irssi's CVS snapshots can now be downloaded from here: </files/snapshots/slackware/>.

BTW. 0.7.99 should be ready very soon now..

Nightly .deb CVS snapshots

Posted by cras on July 26th 2001

For all you debian users:

  echo "deb unstable/" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
  echo "deb-src unstable/" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
  apt-get update
  apt-get install irssi-text

Debian testing (woody) users can replace the unstable text with testing. If you wish to provide non-i386 .debs, contact me. Potato snapshots will come after I get my 386 ready for it :) And add those / chars at the end of debian/ and unstable/ - they're required.

You can also download them directly from here.

Polish Mirrors

Posted on May 14th 2001

There's two hosts now in, thanks jx and s- :) The second one has CVS mirrored in, see CVS page for more information if you wish to use it. (the other pl www mirror has some problems currently, hopefully will be fixed soon - yes, it's fixed now)

More CVS mirrors would be nice, contact me if you'd wish to provide one.

Windows version :)

Posted on March 29th 2001

Looks like irssi compiled pretty easily with cygwin - there's a windows binary now available in download page. It's been tested with Windows 2000, don't know of others. Remember to get Cygwin too if you don't have it.