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Windows version :)

Posted on March 29th 2001

Looks like irssi compiled pretty easily with cygwin - there’s a windows binary now available in download page. It’s been tested with Windows 2000, don’t know of others. Remember to get Cygwin too if you don’t have it.

.98.3 bugs

Posted by cras on March 26th 2001

Still some nasty bugs left in .98 series. Themes cannot have highascii characters (green.theme is broken) and themes must have “replaces = { };” block specified. Guess I’ll fix these and several others and release .98.4 :) It may take a while though, in the mean time you can go download one of the daily development versions which are working again (the box in right). out

Posted on March 18th 2001

Mostly just bugfixes, but statusbar was pretty much rewritten and it should finally work properly. See the upgrade info.

CVS moved

Posted on March 10th 2001

Now in same computer as the rest of the New CVSROOT is Easiest way to change the existing CVS tree is to update the CVS/Root files, run this in irssi’s root directory:

echo "" > CVS/Root
find . -name 'Root' -exec cp -f CVS/Root {} \;

UPDATE: Sorry, anoncvs seems to be broken now, hopefully fixed soon :) UPDATE: Fixed now :) out

Posted on March 4th 2001

This is mostly a bugfix release, but there’s a lot of bugs fixed :) There’s some new features too, like /NAMES can now have -ops -voices etc. options and some changes in how split windows work.

startup HOWTO updated

Posted by cras on March 4th 2001

Wrote lots of new text to startup HOWTO and made HTML version of it. A few parts of it apply only to the current CVS version, but I’m planning on releasing with lots of bugfixes today.

Projects page

Posted by cras on March 3rd 2001

Created projects page for my side projects. Currently there’s some peer to peer network design ideas that I wrote down :) Latest project news titles show also in the lowest box in right bar.


Posted by cras on February 27th 2001

Learned CSS and did fully with it without any horrible tables or other netscape kludges this time. Netscape has its own specific page done with tables. There’s Lynx specific page too. I’ve tried this page with Mozilla .8, Konqueror, Netscape, Lynx, Links, w3m and IE 5.0. Bug reports, suggestions, general complains, etc. all welcome :)