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ICQ plugin

Posted on May 9th 2002

Finally available, written by Chistian Häggström. Get it from plugins page.

xirssi screenshots

Posted by cras on May 5th 2002

Here’s some preliminary screenshots for people :) More features will come, and sometimes after GTK 2.0.3 release (which is required unless you want to see tons of warnings and possibly crashing) I’ll see if it’s ready to be released along with 0.8.5 irssi. Of course, you can already get it from CVS.

UPDATE: xirssi is quite crashy with GTK+ 2.0.2, if you really wish to use it before GTK+ 2.0.3 is released, you could patch it yourself: </files/ext/gtktextlayout.patch>, or install patched debian package: </files/ext/libgtk2.0-0_2.0.2-4_i386.deb>.

xirssi updates

Posted by cras on April 27th 2002

I think it’s getting into usable state now. You can get it from CVS. Currently supported features: multiple windows, tabs and split windows. Supports and uses all the same keyboard bindings as irssi-text. Moving mouse over nick (in text window or nicklist) shows it’s info in statusbar, right-clicking nick brings popup menu. That’s pretty much it for now - there’s no IRC-specific code so SILC plugin should work with it as well.

GTK+ irssi?

Posted by cras on April 10th 2002

Just did a small GUI to irssi with GTK+ 2.0 - it’s very basic but as you can see, it’s working :) Took about 3 hours to code it, but most of the time was spent learning GTK 2 .. It’s new text widget seems great, except it’s giving me glib-criticals all the time and I’m not sure of the best way to change text colors/style with it. If I’m still interested of it once I get some sleep, it’ll probably be released with 0.8.5 irssi. UPDATE: yes, the screenshot has been updated a few times already :)

IRC+ overview doc

Posted on April 3rd 2002

Wrote a small overview of how irc+ networks would work (with pictures! :). It’s a bit different from the previous design. See the projects page. Both positive and negative feedback appreciated :) Especially if you have ideas how exactly to implement things (especially crypto and routing).

New site design

Posted by cras on March 19th 2002

Got a pretty logo from Zenmasta today and while trying to add it here, I thought I’d finally rewrite the whole site. This should be at least easier for new people since it’s not filled with links. So far received some positive and some negative feedback, but all new site designs seem to do that ;)

New .hu, .no and IPv6 mirrors

Posted on March 14th 2002

Thanks to Tamas Pasztor and Kay Bærulfsen. UPDATE: CVS is also mirrored in, refreshed every 5 mins. UPDATE2: DawS made our first IPv6 mirror too.

0.8.4 released

Posted on March 13th 2002

There you go, hopefully the last one for a while :) And reminder again: Use /UPGRADE, but don’t understand wrong what it does - /HELP upgrade helps :)