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2000-01-16 21:19

Posted by cras

Too many suggested features, too many bugs, i2k coming out too slowly, I wanted some features too .. So, I released irssi 0.7.22, check the changelog for list of new features/fixes.

1999-12-28 15:36

Posted by cras

I don’t think I’ll be updating irssi for a while (except maybe bugfixes..). I’m actually pretty much got bored of doing it. However, I’m sure the i2k will come some day :) Maybe soon (Q1 of ‘00 even? :) and probably with different name. I’ll put updates about it here.

Plans about i2k .. well, I’m going to concentrate more into the text version of it .. maybe we’ll finally get ircii killer? :) ircii sources are IMHO pretty horrible so it shouldn’t be too hard job ;) I thought about making it as epic much compatible as possible, maybe even be able to run epic scripts. And I’ll do the scripting (epic, perl, python, ..) support as plugins, so if you don’t need epic (or whatever) scripting support, you just don’t load the plugin. Only minor drawback of this would be that everyone will create scripts with different languages and soon you would need to load all of the plugins anyway… Anyway, the goal is to make it faster, eat less memory, have a lot more understandable sources and be a lot easier to write expansions without needing to add lots of bloat to the main binary (like bitchx) than ircii (based clients).

After I get this done I’ll start thinking of GTK/GNOME/KDE (probably not plain QT :) frontends.

1999-09-27 21:33

Posted by cras

Updated GtkIText. Selecting fonts and background works now. Also took a screenshot, it’s in screenshots page. I’m having some problems with doing the transparency support, please help :)

1999-09-23 21:21

Posted by cras

First version of GtkIText is now in CVS. Summary of it’s features:

  • Proportional fonts
  • It’s fast - or at least I don’t know how to make it any more faster
  • When text is split to next line, it leaves some space before the text. The amount of space will be the space used by nick in future.
  • It will have graphics support :)

Currently you can’t select/copy text from it and /clear doesn’t work either. You also can’t select font or background..

1999-09-21 00:11

Posted by cras

Hm.. Spent a week for coding new text widget for irssi. It finally works, but the code is really horrible ;) And then I even noticed that it couldn’t handle bold fonts and it was a bit slow too, so .. I’ll start it all over again :) But now at least I know how to code gtk widgets. At least somehow. And I really need to rewrite only one function so it should be a day or two now that I’ve designed it well in my head :) Anyway, it will support proportional fonts, graphics, etc. nice things and should be really fast :) I’m quite busy at work also, hopefully I get this itext widget to cvs this week :)

BTW, I’ve got zero bugreports about irssi 0.7.16!!

1999-09-13 21:30

Posted by cras

First icon for irssi, pretty weird but better than nothing I guess ;) Made by tonic

1999-09-13 18:30

Posted by cras

0.7.16 released. I did compile this with and without gnome and ipv6, it’s also been running quite a while without crashes so I think this could finally be the “stable” irssi? :)

1999-09-04 14:46

Finally we have anonymous CVS from Polish Linux Distribution’s CVS, check cvs page for more information.