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1999-09-27 21:33

Posted by cras on September 27th 1999

Updated GtkIText. Selecting fonts and background works now. Also took a screenshot, it’s in screenshots page. I’m having some problems with doing the transparency support, please help :)

1999-09-23 21:21

Posted by cras on September 23rd 1999

First version of GtkIText is now in CVS. Summary of it’s features:

  • Proportional fonts
  • It’s fast - or at least I don’t know how to make it any more faster
  • When text is split to next line, it leaves some space before the text. The amount of space will be the space used by nick in future.
  • It will have graphics support :)

Currently you can’t select/copy text from it and /clear doesn’t work either. You also can’t select font or background..

1999-09-21 00:11

Posted by cras on September 21st 1999

Hm.. Spent a week for coding new text widget for irssi. It finally works, but the code is really horrible ;) And then I even noticed that it couldn’t handle bold fonts and it was a bit slow too, so .. I’ll start it all over again :) But now at least I know how to code gtk widgets. At least somehow. And I really need to rewrite only one function so it should be a day or two now that I’ve designed it well in my head :) Anyway, it will support proportional fonts, graphics, etc. nice things and should be really fast :) I’m quite busy at work also, hopefully I get this itext widget to cvs this week :)

BTW, I’ve got zero bugreports about irssi 0.7.16!!

1999-09-13 21:30

Posted by cras on September 13th 1999

First icon for irssi, pretty weird but better than nothing I guess ;) Made by tonic

1999-09-13 18:30

Posted by cras on September 13th 1999

0.7.16 released. I did compile this with and without gnome and ipv6, it’s also been running quite a while without crashes so I think this could finally be the “stable” irssi? :)

1999-09-04 14:46

Posted on September 4th 1999

Finally we have anonymous CVS from Polish Linux Distribution’s CVS, check cvs page for more information.

1999-08-31 20:46

Posted by cras on August 31st 1999

Released 0.7.15-3, which will finally fix all those bugs .15 and .15-2 sufferend. I’ve learned my lesson, never release software without testing it first well enough even how much you want to release it immediately :)

.15-3 has also a rawlog window which you can use to check what’s going on in server connection. Also great for debugging.

I also released .15-2 -> .15-3 patch: </files/irssi.diff.bz2>. To apply it go to irssi’s directory and run
cat ~/irssi.diff.bz2 | bunzip2 | patch -p1

If you applied any older patches, answer no to questions about applying reverted patches..

1999-08-31 13:13

Posted on August 31st 1999

And yet another problem when compiling without gnome .. Here’s the diff: </files/irssi-patch.diff>. Check for download page for more information.