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New scripts page

Posted by cras on March 5th 2002

Finally I don't need to update scripts myself anymore :) Started mirroring Darix's site, you should send your scripts to him from now on. See the scripts page for more information.

SILC plugin working again

Posted on February 18th 2002

c0ffee got the SILC plugin working again, go test it: Requires compiled SILC sources.

0.8.1 released :)

Posted by cras on February 17th 2002

With two annoying remote crash fixes I forgot to fix before. So yes, upgrade highly recommended :) UPDATE: if you're upgrading from 0.7.98.x irssi, read the upgrade information.

0.8.0 released

Posted by cras on February 17th 2002

Finally. Download, read changes and upgrade information. I decided to call it 0.8.0 instead of 0.7.99 after all :)

0.7.99 feature complete

Posted by cras on February 16th 2002

Fixed the last important nasty bugs, added /STATUSBAR command, added support for UTF-8.. That's pretty much it, I think. Only some documentation updates and 0.7.99 is released then. So, treat the current CVS snapshot as 0.7.99 beta and go test if there's still some problems with it.

Here's the tarballs: </files/snapshots/> and here's the upgrade info.

0.7.99 out soon (I hope)

Posted by cras on February 2nd 2002

Now that I finally found the bug that had been crashing my irssi, 0.7.99 will be soon out. It was solaris-specific (as in, not at least linux :) actually, but I had been doing some major changes to irssi while moving to IRC from solaris box, so I didn't see the connection. Luckily I found and fixed several other bugs that had been crashing irssi as well.

Anyway, unless I see my irssi crash before next weekend, 0.7.99 will be out then. Now's a good time to go grab latest development snapshot and see if there's any bugs left. I'd at least need to create some /STATUSBAR command so users don't need to edit the config file manually..

Irssi's new features

Posted by cras on January 25th 2002

I've been rewriting irssi for some time now. It's not a full rewrite but rather I'll just change things bit by bit and eventually it will have quite a lot of things changed. A few things that will change are getting rid of GLib, getting rid of the excessive dynamic memory allocations and in general making code prettier :)

I've also been thinking that now would be the time to think of the bigger changes as well. First thing I just thought of was making themes a lot more powerful than before - this would require internal scripting but maybe it's not THAT bad to have it.. Anyway, read all about here. If you have been thinking of some great new feature, now's the time to tell me about it :)

K&R irssi :)

Posted by cras on January 5th 2002

Just spent a few hours checking if irssi's sources could be ported to K&R easily. After finding proto, it was quite easy, but required some modifications. glib.h especially needed manual changes. Anyway, if you're interested in trying it, get the sources here: </files/misc/irssi-kr-20020104.tar.gz>. I compiled it succesfully with HP-UX 11.0's cc, there's a hpux-build script included which you probably want to look at even without HP-UX.