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1999-08-30 14:32

Posted by cras

Right .. I compiled and tested 0.7.15 with gnome and IPv6, I compiled it without IPv6, didn't try it (I thought I did :), didn't compile without gnome. And of course there was bugs in them. So, here's 0.7.15-2 where you can actually connect to server and compile without gnome.

1999-08-29 22:06

0.7.15 released, it has lots of internal changes and IPv6 support :)

1999-08-25 12:57

Posted by cras

Still no crashes, but several other problems. I'll fix them and release .15 so that I'll get a stable 0.8.0 out sometimes :) But right now I'm pretty busy at work (doing 10-12 hours/day or so..). Will try to fix all the things next weekend.

1999-08-23 19:05

Posted by cras

So far so good, no crashes reported yet :) There's now SuSE version also available in download page. Hm.. Maybe I should drop my diary (which I haven't written anything for a month anyway) and try to update this news page a bit more often. And move the old news somewhere else..

1999-08-22 21:10

Released 0.7.14 .. hopefully works :) opefully works :)

1999-08-18 21:23

Posted by cras

Just released irssi 0.7.14 alpha-3. I've removed my horribly slow configuration file routines (well, gnome version was still fast..) and replaced them with libPropList. This means that configuration file format is completely different now, and I had to change quite a lot of code to make it work.. So, could try if this alpha versions works properly so I could release the final 0.7.14? :)

Get the irssi alpha here, and libPropList from download page (..or apt-get install libproplist0-dev).

1999-08-14 17:41

Development irssi versions are now available here.

1999-08-03 22:55

Xlife's computer got upgraded to K6-2 450, no more slowups when loading web pages :)