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1999-08-14 17:41

Development irssi versions are now available here.

1999-08-03 22:55

Xlife’s computer got upgraded to K6-2 450, no more slowups when loading web pages :)

1999-08-01 20:48

My E-Mail address changed, the old one will stop working soon. So send all your new emails to

1999-07-31 15:47

SuSE RPM of irssi 0.7.13-2 is now available in download page.

Just noticed how slow irssi’s web pages were .. took 30-60 seconds to load a page. It’s a problem with our mysql hit database getting too large and one of my selects took pretty long :) Changed it, but it still takes 10-20 seconds to load, it will hopefully be fixed pretty soon.

1999-07-22 19:24

Here comes the usual bugfix release, 0.7.13-2 ;) Made a patch: </files/irssi-0.7.13-2.diff> for it this time too.

1999-07-22 00:11

Released 0.7.13.

1999-07-11 13:35

Removed download counters. Made a new screenshot.

1999-07-07 21:08

Posted by cras

Released v0.7.12-2 :) Just a few bugfixes..

  • configure checks for -lnsl too
  • changed default font to fixed size so I wouldn’t have to hear all the time how screen is messed up with zvt :)
  • background color couldn’t be changed with zvt
  • irssi-text sometimes crashed at startup because of uninitialized variable..
  • you had to use --without-gnome-panel even if you didn’t build with gnome