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irssi-de mailing list

Posted on December 17th 2002

There’s a new mailing list now for German irssi users. See mailing lists page for more information.

0.8.6 released

Posted on November 19th 2002

Finally out. Lots of changes and fixes, including support for SSL servers (by vjt), DCC send queues (by Heikki Orsila) and better support for IRCNet !channels. This version also fixes the crash at startup with some newer distributions (eg. RedHat 8) using Perl 5.8.

CVS server problems

Posted on November 11th 2002

Too many people have asked this, so here’s the answer for everyone:

Because of some bug in CVS 1.11.2 server, if you connect with older clients and use -z option, it hangs at the end. Everything is transferred, but it just gets stuck there. So your options are: a) ignore and just hit Ctrl-C, b) upgrade to CVS 1.11.2, c) don’t use -z option, d) try to get CVS authors to fix it - this is not a new problem.

0.8.6 out soon

Posted on October 16th 2002

Try the CVS snapshots now and see if you have problems with them. 0.8.6 will be released in a few days if I don’t hear about any problems. And yes, 0.8.6 fixes the crash at startup with Perl 5.8 (yes, that’s why 0.8.5 crashes with RedHat 8).



Upgrading from older versions

Slowly getting back from irssi vacation

Posted by cras on July 29th 2002

For the past two months I’ve been pretty unresponsive about anything related to irssi, still 37 unread/answered mails in my inbox.. Anyway, now that my new, great and secure IMAP server is beginning to be usable, I’ll try to get back to coding irssi and reading #irssi channels more actively :) Most likely I’ll just continue with irssi’s rewrite, as the 0.8 sources look quite horrible after getting used to seeing the new imapd code (temporary memory pools especially).

0.8.5 released

Posted by cras on June 19th 2002

Yet another remote crash found. I’m getting tired of this. There’s a few good things in irssi’s code, and I’m still quite sure there’s no (write) buffer overflows, but most of it is getting a big mess. I think the next thing I will do is rewrite the whole crap. Though imapd comes first - I need to do something else than irssi for a while.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is the last remote crash that can be found from 0.8.x, there’s only few potential places and I’ve looked most of them through already.

Also, this release is the same as 0.8.4 with only the crash fixed, I didn’t trust enough the current CVS code to release it as 0.8.5.

0.8.4a released

Posted on May 30th 2002

This is just the original 0.8.4 package. The ‘a’ was added after version number in the package file just to make sure it’s not confused with the backdoored version. cracked → irssi's configure backdoored for past two months

Posted by cras on May 25th 2002

Read all about it. The binary isn’t backdoored, but you might have run it while installing irssi.

To prevent this from happening in future, the files are now signed with my GPG key. Get the key from here: </files/tss.asc>, or search for from pgp net. The actual signatures can be found from download page, right next to the file link. Only irssi-0.8.4a.tar.* are signed for now, I’ll do the rest later once I’m sure they aren’t backdoored.

OK, after switching the files a few times, the latest ones are now renamed as 0.8.4a. This is the original tarball that was released. is down also temporarily - the CVS mirrors work though. Mirrors in general aren’t updated until their DNS caches picks up the new IP (1d timeout I think).