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0.8.8 released

Posted on November 23rd 2003

New features include paste detection to allow easily pasting eg. TABs and to avoid accidentally copy&pasting 20 lines to some channel (both can be disabled of course), SSL certificate support by Joel Eriksson, DCC SERVER support by Mark Trumbull, support for DCCing files larger than 2GB, better DCC transfer statistics, and lots of smaller things.

(0.8.8 was released just an hour after 0.8.7 to fix a few backwards compatibility issues) update

Posted on October 19th 2003

  • Changed port 6669 into 6667

  • Support the new MSN protocol.

  • For the new users:

    /IRCNET ADD BitlBee
    /SERVER ADD -ircnet BitlBee
    /CONNECT BitlBee

    Once connected to bitlbee type:

    account add msn user@mail password
    account on 0

Irssi for Mac OS X / Cocoa

Posted on July 5th 2003

Andrew de los Reyes is writing Cocoa frontend for irssi. See screenshot and home page.

KDE flash applet

Posted on April 14th 2003

You can get a visual notification in KDE panel for newly arrived IRC messages using FlashApplet.


Posted by cras on January 21st 2003

There's some talk in irssi-dev mailing list about my plans for irssi rewrite. Take a look and comment if you're interested :)

Fixing broken scripts with GC

Posted on December 23rd 2002

Scripts can crash irssi too easily, fixing that properly would require major changes. But while I was again getting annoyed at those crashes, without any easy way to figure out why and where the heap corruption happened, I started thinking and figured out that the corrupted accesses happen only through one function, when accessing perl object's _irssi pointer. So, if we only could check that address to be valid.. And then I remembered GCs could easily do that.

So, get yourself a Boehm's GC (apt-get install libgc6-dev), GLIB2 and CVS irssi. Make sure configure says that GC is enabled, then /SET perl_memory_check_level can be used to control how well irssi checks for valid memory references. Default is 1 which should prevent at least some crashes, 2 is more slower (it runs GC before each check) but notices most invalid references. Whenever error occurs, you'll get a nice error message about accessing free'd memory, with a line number to script and everything.

irssi-de mailing list

Posted on December 17th 2002

There's a new mailing list now for German irssi users. See mailing lists page for more information.

0.8.6 released

Posted on November 19th 2002

Finally out. Lots of changes and fixes, including support for SSL servers (by vjt), DCC send queues (by Heikki Orsila) and better support for IRCNet !channels. This version also fixes the crash at startup with some newer distributions (eg. RedHat 8) using Perl 5.8.