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Posted by cras on October 2nd 2000

Screenshot :) - not that pretty yet but we’ll get there :)

SILC support is working great :) If you want to try, go get latest SILC version from You might want to use CVS version so you don’t always have to patch the silc sources when I change something :) Build the SILC, update irssi’s CVS tree and go to silc directory, run and do the rest as the README file says.

2000-09-19 05:28

Posted by cras

Hmh, again too much time has passed without much work being done. I guess the yet another reorganizing of code for adding of SILC support easier didn’t do good for me. The code is mostly good but with a couple of ugly kludges. Perl support has also been broken for many weeks in CVS .. if I only could fix it I could release new version.

But then some good news - I just spent 2 hours of writing documentation for irssi newbies (guess I finally got tired of explaining the same basic things for each new Irssi user). Get the Startup-HOWTO here.

2000-08-23 01:45

Grr. We too have a remote crash bug. No, not a buffer overflow, we don’t have them ;) And not the %s bug, but just some special case. It’s not possible to make it run any arbitrary code, it can only crash irssi. This affects all 0.7.9x versions. You can get the patch here: </files/crashfix.patch> or get the whole 0.7.95-3 tarball. Updated .debs and .rpms would be nice to have soon :) UPDATE: .deb is now updated (version 0.7.95-2).

2000-08-13 17:49

Released 0.7.95. And .95-2, the only difference is that there’s updated help files.

2000-08-04 03:14

Posted by cras

GTK Irssi code is in CVS now, seems to work surprisingly well :) Nearly all GUI stuff of .28 work again except setup. I’ll probably take another screenshot soon :) UPDATE: Here’s ther shot :)

2000-08-03 14:37

Posted by cras

GTK Irssi is almost working again, after 3 hours of coding, I think about 50% of it’s functionality is workin again with 0.7.94. Here’s a screenshot :)

I’ll also be at Assembly’2k if someone wants to see me for some reason :)

2000-07-26 21:21

Posted by cras

Released 0.7.94, there’s finally some help files (by Lite). Some bugfixes, some small new features, nothing really big. I’ve been playing a lot with SILC (new IRC-like protocol with cryptography).

2000-07-09 19:07

Released 0.7.93.