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Posted by cras on February 27th 2001

Learned CSS and did fully with it without any horrible tables or other netscape kludges this time. Netscape has its own specific page done with tables. There’s Lynx specific page too. I’ve tried this page with Mozilla .8, Konqueror, Netscape, Lynx, Links, w3m and IE 5.0. Bug reports, suggestions, general complains, etc. all welcome :)

Upgrading help

Posted on February 24th 2001

People upgrading from 0.7.97 to .98 will probably want to read the upgrade guide.

Irssi out ;)

Posted on February 23rd 2001

Sorry, just found a bug from .98 that could crash irssi. If you already downloaded 0.7.98, you can get patch for it here. Apply it with patch -p1 < irssi- in irssi directory.

Irssi 0.7.98 final out

Posted on February 23rd 2001

Hope it works. Since .98 beta there’s been mostly just some compiling fixes.

Irssi 0.7.98 BETA out

Posted by cras on February 22nd 2001

Today’s CVS snapshot: </files/snapshots/irssi-20010222.tar.gz> can be considered as 0.7.98 beta. The final .98 is out probably later today or tomorrow, so please try the beta soon and tell me if there’s any problems with it so I can fix them for the final release. UPDATE: (13:12) /HILIGHT had some problems, fixed and repackaged new irssi.

CVS addons

Posted by cras on January 22nd 2001

There’s now some CVS addons in addons page. I’ll add more there as soon as they get translated. Help is welcome :) One thing that’s CVS-only is, screen shot here: </scripts/> :)

Nightly CVS snapshots

Posted on January 15th 2001

Nightly CVS snapshots are now available here. They’re automatically built every night around 04:00 UTC. Note that they currently break some backwards compatibility at least with scripts and themes (but then again, .98 most probably will also..).

Me secure. Will bet you $300 for it. out

Posted by cras on December 18th 2000

I don’t usually give away money, hopefully not this time either ;) I really think irssi doesn’t have any security related problems. Instead of just telling myself that, here’s a challenge for everyone to try find them and win some money with it. See the security challenge page for more information. Who knows if this could be even used as publicity stunt to get more users and coders for irssi ;)

Also I did a quick audit of my own and released Irssi It contains fixes for a few potential security bugs which shouldn’t practically happen ever: joining to #../../../somefile with autologging on, a few format bugs found (argh! luckily only when printing nicks in /names list and % is invalid nick char). Also the highascii control characters aren’t printed as-is to screen so those screen messing problems are fixed now.