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Irssi 0.8.16-rc1 Released

Posted by Alexander Færøyon September 15th 2013

Irssi 0.8.16-rc1 has been released. The changes are mostly bugfixes, experimental DANE support and other small enhancements. Check the NEWS file for all changes and please report bugs back to us.

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Irssi 0.8.15 on Windows: Testing Help Needed!

Posted by Jase Thewon December 26th 2010

The Irssi for Windows installer and portable packages are finally in the process of being updated for Irssi 0.8.15.

Before the new Windows binaries are released, we’d like some Windows users to test the 0.8.15 installer in order to prepare it for prime time. If you would like to help with the test effort, please read the testing notes that outline the testing details, then download the test installer.

The Irssi Team would also like to wish you a happy holidays and all the best for the New Year.

Introducing Stalker: Nickname History For Irssi

Posted by Geert Hauwaertson October 7th 2010

Stalker is an Irssi plugin to correlate information on an IRC network and discover users’ previously used nicknames. The concept is fairly straightforward: given a nickname identify previously used hostnames.

From those hostnames, extract all nicknames they have used. Repeat until you have identified all nicknames a user might have used.

The advantage of this method over the more traditional “given a hostname identify all nicknames it has used” is that you can identify nicknames across hostmask addresses.

Stalker can be found on GitHub at

More information can be found on the authors blog.

Irssi 0.8.15 Released

Posted by Alexander Færøyon April 3rd 2010

The Irssi team is pleased to announce the 0.8.15 release of Irssi. It has been quite some time since our last release and there has been various feature enhancements and bugfixes added since then.

This release fixes two security issues: The first being that Irssi didn’t check hostname on SSL connections and the other being a hard to exploit remote crash bug.

For a complete listing of the changes and bugfixes since 0.8.14, please have a look at the ChangeLog.

Remember to check out Irssi’s Facebook fan page and LinkedIn as well.

The Irssi Team.

Irssi 0.8.15-rc1 Released

Posted by Alexander Færøyon March 21st 2010

Irssi 0.8.15-rc1 has been released. The changes are mostly bugfixes, and small improvements, so it should be quite safe to upgrade. Check NEWS file for all changes!

It can be downloaded from our download page.

The Irssi Team.

How IRC Should Look

Posted by Alexander Færøyon November 12th 2009

It has been brought to our attention that we have done something completely wrong. This is what the upcoming Irssi release is going to look like:

The Irssi Team.

irssi 0.8.14 released

Posted by alexander færøyon July 28th 2009

Please welcome the 0.8.14 release of your favourite IRC-client, Irssi!

Check out the NEWS file for a summary of the changes since last release.

The release is available from our download page.

The Irssi Team.

Irssi 0.8.13 Released

Posted by Geert Hauwaertson April 1st 2009

It has been a while since we last released. First off, this is NOT an April Fool’s joke! Irssi 0.8.13 is out and we ask that you check the NEWS file for changes!

It can be downloaded from our download page.

This release was brought to you by the Irssi Core Development teams tears, sweat and hard work and with invaluable contributions from our fabulous users. We’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome two new developers to the team; Alexander Færøy (ahf) and Tom Wesley (tomaw)

Alexander has been involved with Irssi for a while and joined the development team back in October 2008. He’s also involved with the Exherbo project and he will be implementing some nifty new features for the next release! So keep your eyes peeled on the changelog and look out for his contributions!

Tom has also been around for some time, a long time Irssi user who over the years has dedicated much of his time to helping other users and easing the load on developers in the various #irssi support channels. He’s recently agreed to take over the responsibility of maintaining the Scripts & Themes archives, so if you have updates, new scripts or themes and you would like them added to the site he’s the person to talk to!

So, here’s to Alex and Tom, two valuable contributors – Welcome to the team!

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