These third-party modules come without any support or warranty from the Irssi developers. Please use at your own risk and contact the responsible module owners for help and support.

Protocol Modules

Functionality Enhancement

  • OTR message encryption (built-in since v1.2.0)

  • FiSH encryption

    apt/zypper/dnf install irssi-fish

  • DCC Send Limiter

  • Ignore OC ignores people not on channel

    apt/zypper/dnf install irssi-ignore-oc

  • Item sendqueue statusbar item displaying the length of the command sendqueue

    apt/zypper/dnf install irssi-item-sendqueue

  • Sb splits statusbar item displaying the split window groups

    apt/zypper/dnf install irssi-sb-splits

  • Theme indent ircII-like theme indentation module for Irssi

    apt/zypper/dnf install irssi-theme-indent

Scripting Languages

Front-end Modules

  • GTK Front-end: xirssi (unmaintained)

  • proxy: built-in mini IRC BNC