Help: server


SERVER CONNECT [-4 | -6] [-tls] [-tls_cert <cert>] [-tls_pkey <pkey>]  [-tls_pass <password>] [-tls_verify] [-tls_cafile <cafile>]  [-tls_capath <capath>] [-tls_ciphers <list>] [-tls_pinned_cert <fingerprint>] [-tls_pinned_pubkey <fingerprint>] [-!] [-noautosendcmd] [-noproxy] [-network <network>] [-host <hostname>] [-rawlog <file>] [+]<address>|<chatnet> [<port> [<password> [<nick>]]]
SERVER REMOVE <address> [<port>] [<network>]
SERVER ADD|MODIFY [-4 | -6] [-tls_cert <cert>] [-tls_pkey <pkey>] [-tls_pass <password>] [-tls_verify] [-tls_cafile <cafile>] [-tls_capath <capath>] [-tls_ciphers <list>] [-tls | -notls] [-starttls | -nostarttls | -disallow_starttls | -nodisallow_starttls] [-auto | -noauto] [-network <network>] [-host <hostname>] [-cmdspeed <ms>] [-cmdmax <count>] [-port <port>] <address> [<port> [<password>]]
SERVER PURGE [<target>]


LIST: Displays the list of servers you are connected to.
CONNECT: Connects to the given server.
ADD: Adds a server to your configuration.
MODIFY: Modifies a server in your configuration.
REMOVE: Removes a server from your configuration.
PURGE: Purges the commands queued to be sent to the server.
-!: Doesn’t autojoin the channels.
-4: Connects using IPv4.
-6: Connects using IPv6.
-tls: Connects using TLS encryption.
-tls_cert: The TLS client certificate file.
-tls_pkey: The TLS client private key, if not included in the certificate file.
-tls_pass: The password for the TLS client private key or certificate.
-tls_verify: Verifies the TLS certificate of the server.
-tls_cafile: The file with the list of CA certificates.
-tls_capath: The directory which contains the CA certificates.
-tls_ciphers: TLS cipher suite preference lists.
-tls_pinned_cert: Pinned x509 certificate fingerprint.
-tls_pinned_pubkey: Pinned public key fingerprint.
-auto: Automatically connects to the server on startup.
-noauto: Doesn’t connect to the server on startup.
-network: The network the server belongs to.
-host: The hostname you would like to connect from.
-cmdspeed: Specifies the minimum amount of time, expressed in milliseconds, that the client must wait before sending additional commands to the server.
-cmdmax: Specifies the maximum number of commands to perform before starting the internal flood protection.
-port: Specifies the port to connect to the server.
-noproxy: Ignores the global proxy configuration.
-rawlog: Immediately open rawlog after connecting.
-noautosendcmd: Doesn’t execute autosendcmd.

The server, port and network to add, modify or remove; if no argument is given, the list of servers you are connected to will be returned.


Displays, adds, modifies or removes the network configuration of IRC servers.

When using the ADD parameter on a server that already exists, the configuration will be merged with each other.

When using the command without any of the given parameters, it will connect to the specified server; the server in the active window will be disconnected unless you prepend the server with the ‘+’ character; the same method is applicable to the CONNECT parameter.

Specify ‘-‘ as password to remove a server password


/SERVER ADD -network liberachat -noautosendcmd
/SERVER ADD -! -auto -host -4 -network liberachat -noproxy 6667
/SERVER MODIFY -network liberachat -noauto
/SERVER MODIFY -network liberachat 6697 -
/SERVER REMOVE 6667 liberachat

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