Irssi 1.5

Irssi 1.5 is still under development. It is far away from release, but you can test the version in git.

I may erratically post some news here.

Useful fixes and features already committed

  • Notices to channels have become their own level, similar to MSGS vs PUBLICS there is now NOTICES and PUBNOTICES for your activity and ignore rules

Major platform changes

  • Autotools was removed. Irssi can be built with Meson.

  • Some cruft was removed from the code, true colour is now always built, socks is removed, regex.h is removed.

  • IRC module is now optional, you can launch Irssi without IRC. It’s expected to find bugs in this regard! Also a good topic if someone wants to contribute (for example: move useful commands from IRC => common)

  • Github actions builds a termux package

Potential areas of interest for development

  • IRCv3 features(?)

  • Improve split window and layout switching and restoration, fix split window bug (window collapsing)

  • Support dynamic expandos

  • Coherent line meta-data architecture

  • Removal and replacement of /recode

  • ??? your ideas ???

Also see the unofficial Roadmap

(May 2022)