Help: log


LOG OPEN [-noopen] [-autoopen] [-window] [-<server tag>] [-targets <targets>] [-colors] <fname> [<levels>]
LOG CLOSE <id>|<file>
LOG START <id>|<file>
LOG STOP <id>|<file>


OPEN: Opens a log file.
CLOSE: Closes a log file.
START: Starts logging a log entry.
STOP: Stops logging a log entry.
-noopen: Saves the entry in the configuration, but doesn’t actually start logging.
-autoopen: Automatically opens the log at startup.
-window: Displays the output to the active window, or the window specified in the targets parameter.
-<server tag>: The server tag the targets must be on.
-targets: Logs the specified nicknames or channels.
-colors: Also log the color codes of the messages.

The filename of the log and the levels to match; if no argument is given, the list of open logs will be displayed.


Opens a log file and stores the messages of the given targets into it; the log files will be locked so multiple clients cannot log to the same file.

You may use any of the date formats to create a log rotation; we strongly recommend you to enable autolog if you are interested in keeping logs.


/LOG OPEN -targets mike ~/irclogs/mike.log MSGS
/LOG OPEN -targets #irssi ~/irclogs/liberachat/irssi-%Y-%m-%d
/LOG CLOSE ~/irclogs/liberachat/irssi-%Y-%m-%d
/LOG STOP ~/irclogs/liberachat/irssi-%Y-%m-%d
/LOG START ~/irclogs/liberachat/irssi-%Y-%m-%d

/SET autolog ON


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