Configuration files

The configuration is saved to ~/.irssi/config file. You can edit it with text editor if you want, you can also add comments to it and they stay there even if /SAVE is used. Comments are the lines starting with # character. Any errors in config file are displayed at startup.

Irssi uses it’s own config library for handling the config file. The format is pretty much the same as in libPropList and should be easily understandable.

You can reload the config file on the fly with /RELOAD command, you can also read a different config file with /RELOAD <filename>.

If you change any settings, they aren’t saved to file until you use /SAVE. You can save the config file to different place with /SAVE <filename>.


You can view or change the settings with /SET command.

/SET without any arguments displays all the settings. /SET <key> displays settings which key (partly) matches <key> /SET <key> <value> sets <key> to <value>

Boolean settings accepts only values ON, OFF and TOGGLE. You can also use /TOGGLE command to change them, so /TOGGLE <key> behaves like /SET <key> TOGGLE. /TOGGLE also accepts arguments ON and OFF, then /TOGGLE behaves exactly like /SET.

Remember that changes are not saved until you use /SAVE, or until the periodic auto-save, or on /QUIT when auto-save is enabled.

For a complete documentation of the available settings, refer to the Settings Documentation.