Automatically connect to a network

See the list of configured servers:


Enable auto-connect on a server:


To disable it again, use -noauto.

Automatically join channels

/CHANNEL ADD -auto #channelname NetworkName

(See your configured networks with: /NETWORK)

Add all currently open channels as auto-join channels


(This is a default alias which runs a Perl script to mass-execute /CHANNEL ADD commands)


The autochannel script can automatically manage your channels based on /JOIN and /PART.

Automatic log-in to NickServ

Many networks support SASL log-in (check the network website or help channel for details). In such a case, please use it:

/NETWORK ADD -sasl_username yourname -sasl_password yourpassword -sasl_mechanism PLAIN liberachat

Some special cases apply. For the OFTC network, you can use this script: in combination with CertFP.

Another possibility is to use the WAIT command inside the autosendcmd to add a delay after the identify command was sent and before auto-joining channels (but note that this is not reliable.)

/NETWORK MODIFY -autosendcmd "^msg NickServ identify YOURPASSWORD YOURNICK;wait -OFTC 2000" OFTC

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