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Posted on December 4th 2000

Continuing the bugfix release tradition.. ;) Updates are: own dcc messages were printed to status window, crashes fixed with linux/powerpc (probably could have happened with some other non-gcc/non-x86 platforms), tab completion in query was buggy: if there was no other completion choices, word was replaced with queried nick’s name. Also includes updated Brazilian Portuguese translation. Either get the full tarball or apply the patch: </files/irssi-> (patch -p0 irssi-

0.7.97 released

Posted on December 3rd 2000

It’s out with the new great theme templates. You can already find a green theme in addons page.


Posted on November 30th 2000

Votes are nice, vote (in the box left below) :)

CVS moved

Posted by cras on November 25th 2000

Well, it actually did about a week ago, but I was too lazy to announce it before domain was moved too :) Check the CVS page for the new address (directory changed).

About page rewritten

Posted on November 17th 2000

It had been saying for too long that Irssi is a GTK/GNOME client.. So now it contains all the great new features of the current Irssi and an explanation why there’s no GTK client anymore. Show this page to everyone who wants to know more about Irssi ;)

Mirror in Poland

Posted by cras on November 11th 2000

We now have the first mirror in I’ll try to make work soon too. is now in CVS ( module), if anyone else wants to mirror it then go ahead and send me note about it and I’ll add it to mirrors list. The size is about 1M + 20M of old irssi tarballs which you don’t necessarily need if you just can get rid of them ;) .cvsignore might help.

WAP plugin

Posted on November 7th 2000

Just coded a plugin for irssi that allows you to read/write messages to channels with a WAP cell phone :) iMode phones might work too, since Irssi can output either WML or simple HTML. Currently the support is pretty limited but it’s kind of working ;) screenshot (had to use that blueprint phone, 7110 complained about the form being too big, grr)

SILC plugin v0.2

Posted on November 1st 2000

Upgraded SILC plugin to work with latest SILC release. /PART works now ;) as well as channel modes.