Me secure. Will bet you $300 for it. out

Posted by cras on December 18th 2000

I don’t usually give away money, hopefully not this time either ;) I really think irssi doesn’t have any security related problems. Instead of just telling myself that, here’s a challenge for everyone to try find them and win some money with it. See the security challenge page for more information. Who knows if this could be even used as publicity stunt to get more users and coders for irssi ;)

Also I did a quick audit of my own and released Irssi It contains fixes for a few potential security bugs which shouldn’t practically happen ever: joining to #../../../somefile with autologging on, a few format bugs found (argh! luckily only when printing nicks in /names list and % is invalid nick char). Also the highascii control characters aren’t printed as-is to screen so those screen messing problems are fixed now.