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0.8.3 released

Posted on March 13th 2002

There was few nasty bugs in 0.8.2 so had to try again :) This fixes those perl errors and IPv6 connection problems. UPDATE: wait.. Still some stupid errors :) 0.8.4 will be out soon.

0.8.2 released

Posted on March 11th 2002

Lots of bugfixes with a few new features. Oh, and remember to use the new /UPGRADE command - no need to quit+restart :)

IRC+ design :)

Posted on March 6th 2002

My yet another IRC killer idea - this might actually work. Read it here.

New scripts page

Posted by cras on March 5th 2002

Finally I don’t need to update scripts myself anymore :) Started mirroring Darix’s site, you should send your scripts to him from now on. See the scripts page for more information.

SILC plugin working again

Posted on February 18th 2002

c0ffee got the SILC plugin working again, go test it: <>. Requires compiled SILC sources.

0.8.1 released :)

Posted by cras on February 17th 2002

With two annoying remote crash fixes I forgot to fix before. So yes, upgrade highly recommended :) UPDATE: if you’re upgrading from 0.7.98.x irssi, read the upgrade information.

0.8.0 released

Posted by cras on February 17th 2002

Finally. Download, read changes and upgrade information. I decided to call it 0.8.0 instead of 0.7.99 after all :)

0.7.99 feature complete

Posted by cras on February 16th 2002

Fixed the last important nasty bugs, added /STATUSBAR command, added support for UTF-8.. That’s pretty much it, I think. Only some documentation updates and 0.7.99 is released then. So, treat the current CVS snapshot as 0.7.99 beta and go test if there’s still some problems with it.

Here’s the tarballs: </files/snapshots/> and here’s the upgrade info.