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2000-02-19 16:41

Irssi 0.7.25 released. .24 had a pretty bad bug/feature with displaying highbit characters with some fonts. Anyway, it has some new features also. Prettier /NAMES list, /WQUERY and several irssi-text user interface changes.

2000-02-19 00:58

Irssi 0.7.24 released.

2000-02-04 21:21

Posted by cras

i2k (which I believe will become “irssi 0.9.0” anyway) is working a bit better now :) Pretty complicated thing, might need a bit rethinking :) Anyway, grab the 0.01 sources here: </files/i2k-0.01.tar.bz2>. Still not usable for “normal use”, /MSG is the only command implemented so far ;)

2000-01-23 22:51

0.7.23 released, no bad bugs left?

2000-01-22 23:26

Posted by cras

And another bad bug, irssi text widget is buggy in 0.7.22, it doesn’t display any text in window .. You can set it off from preferences -> look #2. I’ll release .23 soon to fix this and a couple other bugs.

2000-01-20 22:32

Posted by cras

Finally, I got i2k somehow doing something ;) I also though that I’d release the version 0.0 sources: </files/i2k.tar.bz2>. It’s only a _really_ simple client, don’t bother downloading it unless you’re interested in it’s sources or something.

2000-01-19 14:00

Posted by cras

Again. There was still a bug in the config file. Get new one here: </files/config>. There’s also a couple more bugs that need to be fixed, so I’ll probably release .23 soon.

2000-01-18 00:29

Posted by cras

As usual, a small nasty bug was left to 0.7.22.. Default configuration file is invalid, you can fix it by adding comma at the end of the line 6 of file ‘config’ in irssi’s main directory and recompiling/installing. Or if you’re lazy, you can get the new config here: </files/config>. I also fixed it in the source tar.