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2000-02-04 21:21

Posted by cras on February 4th 2000

i2k (which I believe will become “irssi 0.9.0” anyway) is working a bit better now :) Pretty complicated thing, might need a bit rethinking :) Anyway, grab the 0.01 sources here: </files/i2k-0.01.tar.bz2>. Still not usable for “normal use”, /MSG is the only command implemented so far ;)

2000-01-23 22:51

Posted on January 23rd 2000

0.7.23 released, no bad bugs left?

2000-01-22 23:26

Posted by cras on January 22nd 2000

And another bad bug, irssi text widget is buggy in 0.7.22, it doesn’t display any text in window .. You can set it off from preferences -> look #2. I’ll release .23 soon to fix this and a couple other bugs.

2000-01-20 22:32

Posted by cras on January 20th 2000

Finally, I got i2k somehow doing something ;) I also though that I’d release the version 0.0 sources: </files/i2k.tar.bz2>. It’s only a _really_ simple client, don’t bother downloading it unless you’re interested in it’s sources or something.

2000-01-19 14:00

Posted by cras on January 19th 2000

Again. There was still a bug in the config file. Get new one here: </files/config>. There’s also a couple more bugs that need to be fixed, so I’ll probably release .23 soon.

2000-01-18 00:29

Posted by cras on January 18th 2000

As usual, a small nasty bug was left to 0.7.22.. Default configuration file is invalid, you can fix it by adding comma at the end of the line 6 of file ‘config’ in irssi’s main directory and recompiling/installing. Or if you’re lazy, you can get the new config here: </files/config>. I also fixed it in the source tar.

2000-01-16 21:19

Posted by cras on January 16th 2000

Too many suggested features, too many bugs, i2k coming out too slowly, I wanted some features too .. So, I released irssi 0.7.22, check the changelog for list of new features/fixes.

1999-12-28 15:36

Posted by cras on December 28th 1999

I don’t think I’ll be updating irssi for a while (except maybe bugfixes..). I’m actually pretty much got bored of doing it. However, I’m sure the i2k will come some day :) Maybe soon (Q1 of ‘00 even? :) and probably with different name. I’ll put updates about it here.

Plans about i2k .. well, I’m going to concentrate more into the text version of it .. maybe we’ll finally get ircii killer? :) ircii sources are IMHO pretty horrible so it shouldn’t be too hard job ;) I thought about making it as epic much compatible as possible, maybe even be able to run epic scripts. And I’ll do the scripting (epic, perl, python, ..) support as plugins, so if you don’t need epic (or whatever) scripting support, you just don’t load the plugin. Only minor drawback of this would be that everyone will create scripts with different languages and soon you would need to load all of the plugins anyway… Anyway, the goal is to make it faster, eat less memory, have a lot more understandable sources and be a lot easier to write expansions without needing to add lots of bloat to the main binary (like bitchx) than ircii (based clients).

After I get this done I’ll start thinking of GTK/GNOME/KDE (probably not plain QT :) frontends.