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Mirrors again

Posted by cras on December 29th 2001

Added Hungary mirror by Peter Barabas, and another US mirror with CVS mirroring by Linuxpowered, Inc.

I've also changed to be round robin as well, since everything is now mirrored.

Finnish CVS mirror

Posted on December 9th 2001

We've changed the web mirroring to use rsync now, which makes it easier to mirror CVS as well. Read the mirrors page if you want to set up a mirror.

So, is now updated once in 10 minutes so it should be pretty up-to-date.

Development news

Posted by cras on December 3rd 2001

Even while there hasn't been any releases for a while, the CVS is still pretty active, and I've been trying to get 0.7.99 out. Currently there's just a few problems - I'd need to make a /STATUSBAR command to configure it and I'm not really sure how it could be done best.

The other more important problem is that I seem to have broken something in the last few weeks, since I've recently seen several strange crashes that must be because of memory corruption somewhere. Hopefully I'll find the cause of this soon and can release .99 then.

After .99 I'll begin some major changes including getting rid of glib (or optional perhaps), using memory pools and to stop using so many dynamic memory allocations (while still not using fixed size buffers, I've some ideas about this).

French mirror

Posted on December 3rd 2001

Provided by Ulrich Massamba.

Cygwin binary with perl support

Posted by cras on December 3rd 2001

You can now get Cygwin binaries: </files/snapshots/cygwin/> with perl scripting support. I also added README.cygwin file to CVS to describe how to compile it yourself.

#irssi back again :)

Posted on November 27th 2001

OK, that didn't take long, thanks to Dyzio.

#irssi moved to #irssi2

Posted on November 27th 2001

After half year of "everyone gets ops" policy in #irssi, someone stupid enough finally brought botnet there and took it over. Use #irssi2 until #irssi is free. All glory to SnakeXP@x.x.x.x / x.x.x.y, etc. of mirkforce or something. Here's the log: </files/irssi_takeover.txt> for those who want to look at it. released

Posted by cras on August 31st 2001

So, the first remote crash was found (isn't exploitable). Go upgrade to, or try the CVS version which should mostly work better than .98.4. Thanks for Snakeladder/OPN #irssi for noticing :)

UPDATE: is pretty much the same as, except fixes this remote crash (well, and contains one small fix too). So those of you who user CVS, or nightly CVS snaphots should just cvs update / get new nightly CVS snapshot. 0.7.99 will be released when I have time to fix those few nasty bugs in it..