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Posted on October 25th 2000

Now in a new computer, will be forwarded here until the DNS is updated..

Irssi 0.7.96-2 released

Posted on October 22nd 2000

The usual bugfix release :) Here’s a patch: </files/irssi-0.7.96-2.patch> (patch -p0 irssi-0.7.96-2.patch). Fixes the glib warning that happens sometimes with autologging, not reading keyboard bindings from config file and a few smaller things.

Irssi 0.7.96 released

Posted by cras on October 19th 2000

Finally. I also released first public SILC plugin.

New text formatting templates

Posted by cras on October 12th 2000

I’m planning on replacing the current text formats with separating the actual texts and coloring. The new formats will look better and are easier to change. Here is an example of the new default theme, comments are welcome :) And thanks to suo for the idea/design.

Down for too long..

Posted by cras on October 7th 2000

Sorry about’s downtime, there was some network problems but they should be gone now. I also did some site updates as you probably see :) Mostly just new php scripts, content is still the same old. Hopefully that will change too. All suggestions welcome. And btw. this site is now fully XHTML :)

Perl support

Posted by cras on October 2nd 2000

It’s working again after many months :) New Irssi release isn’t far away now :) Perl support is multiprotocol friendly now too - there’s Irssi package for common Irssi stuff and Irssi::Irc package for IRC specific stuff. I think I’ll need to update documentation too and fix the example scripts..


Posted by cras on October 2nd 2000

Screenshot :) - not that pretty yet but we’ll get there :)

SILC support is working great :) If you want to try, go get latest SILC version from You might want to use CVS version so you don’t always have to patch the silc sources when I change something :) Build the SILC, update irssi’s CVS tree and go to silc directory, run and do the rest as the README file says.

2000-09-19 05:28

Posted by cras on September 19th 2000

Hmh, again too much time has passed without much work being done. I guess the yet another reorganizing of code for adding of SILC support easier didn’t do good for me. The code is mostly good but with a couple of ugly kludges. Perl support has also been broken for many weeks in CVS .. if I only could fix it I could release new version.

But then some good news - I just spent 2 hours of writing documentation for irssi newbies (guess I finally got tired of explaining the same basic things for each new Irssi user). Get the Startup-HOWTO here.