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2000-07-01 03:41

Posted by cras

Released 0.7.92-2 :) Only one nasty bug fixed. Only a few people downloaded the .92 so I didn’t bother to change version number in the package itself.. The patch is also available.: </files/irssi-0.7.92-2.patch>

2000-07-01 01:13

Released 0.7.92 - rewritten tab-completion with lots of new stuff you can complete. Improved also highlighting features.

Irssi’s CVS is also changing soon to Hopefully working this weekend :)

2000-06-21 23:08

Wrote some ideas about how to create distributed chat network.

2000-06-14 23:42

Released 0.7.91 - a few new features and some bugfixes since .90. Nothing really big.

2000-06-05 01:17

Posted by cras

GTK Irssi might not be dead after all :) I got a really minimal version compiled, here’s a proof :)

2000-06-04 19:06

Finally - 0.7.90 released. This version doesn’t have GTK version, and there’s probably some bugs and lots of things to do, but it should work pretty well. There’s also a (incomplete) manual which you should look at, it’s in docs/manual.txt.

2000-06-01 21:11

Posted by cras

I don’t think I will release a working GTK/GNOME version of Irssi 0.8, unless someone wants to help me with it. It hasn’t been working for one or two months now since the big rewrite. It’s mostly just the windowing system that needs to be rewritten, and I just don’t have the interest to make it work again.. However, I’m considering of starting KDE version.

Yesterday was the last day at my old job.

2000-05-30 01:28

We have now registered, thanks to Carl Drinkwater who registered it just after two days of using irssi ;)