cracked → irssi's configure backdoored for past two months

Posted by cras on May 25th 2002

Read all about it. The binary isn’t backdoored, but you might have run it while installing irssi.

To prevent this from happening in future, the files are now signed with my GPG key. Get the key from here: </files/tss.asc>, or search for from pgp net. The actual signatures can be found from download page, right next to the file link. Only irssi-0.8.4a.tar.* are signed for now, I’ll do the rest later once I’m sure they aren’t backdoored.

OK, after switching the files a few times, the latest ones are now renamed as 0.8.4a. This is the original tarball that was released. is down also temporarily - the CVS mirrors work though. Mirrors in general aren’t updated until their DNS caches picks up the new IP (1d timeout I think).