2000-05-26 13:56

Posted by cras

FINALLY - I got internet to home :) Took only 2 weeks actually, even while they told it would take 3-4 months. It’s a cable modem, hopefully works well where I live .. will see, it should work today/tomorrow. I was pretty desperate at some times actually :) I almost took a normal 56k modem but phone lines cost too much here, about 1/3 of what ADSL would cost. But ADSL and the rest had mostly 2 months of delivery time.. And the “free” internet that I was supposed to get .. well, don’t know, those people are too busy, maybe I will still get it.

And irssi - there’s a few big things that need to be done (dcc chat) and lots of smaller things until I could get some release out. Maybe it will speed up now that I can IRC from home too :) I have also been doing botnet for irssi, will try to replace those eggdrops with it some day :)