2000-04-25 10:26

Posted by cras

It’s amazing how much you can do when there’s no IRC you spend your time on. For example, you could code an IRC client 4 days in a row interrupted only by some sleep, 10 hours of x-files and few other tv shows :)

So, I would have put the changelog here, but I forgot the disk to home :( I’ll put it here tomorrow. There are LOTS of new really advanced features that I don’t think many clients have (for example regexp support in several places, a lot better logging and notifylist notifies of away and idle changes). And there’s a lot of EPIC-compatibility, I did it in as many places I could (and had time to), except where I could do better and break the epic syntax because of it. I’m not sure about it’s scripting and /ON command, maybe.. as a separate module.

I also quit my job today, an hour ago :) New place will be at springtoys, as a game developer. That’s a great place to work for, even while I’m not very enthusiastic about games.