Irssi 1.0.1 Released

Posted on February 5th 2017

Irssi 1.0.1 has been released. This release is our first bug fix release on the 1.0 branch. You won’t see new features on 1.0. Most importantly, a mistake that broke tab completion of settings and aliases has been corrected, as well as a memory leak during SASL found by Joseph Bisch. All users of 1.0.0 should upgrade to this version. See the NEWS for details.

This release can be downloaded from our releases page. Binary test packages for various Linux distributions are automatically generated by the openSUSE Build Service and are available for download in the irssi-test repository.

It is our hope that distros with long term stability can nevertheless follow our bug fix releases. Please check with your distro whether they provide officially updated packages.

The Irssi Team.