Scripts not working in version 0.8.10

Posted by christel on December 22nd 2005

We are aware that some of the scripts that can be found on our scripts page are not working in v0.8.10, however, the scripts are primarily made by users and not the irssi team and thus it has not been our priority to ensure that all scripts are working / updated to work before releasing a new version. You are however welcome to submit updated/fixed scripts to us and we will add them to our script repository after testing. Keep in mind that if you are modifying someone else's code we ask that you leave a comment informing what has been changed and who the script was originally written by; you all know the drill! Scripts can as usual be submitted to

As a side note, we have received a few submissions with ideas for new logos, some of which are rather good! Thanks to those who have submitted. Keep sending us your artwork and we will make a decision soon-ish on what to use! The address to use for logo submissions remains the same.

If you have any feedback about what you would like to see on the webpage, anything in particular you would like more of etc etc please let us know! You can get our attention by e-mailing staff.

We hope you have all enjoyed the new release and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Irssi Team