LASTLOG [-] [-file <filename>] [-window <ref#|name>] [-new | -away] [-<level> -<level...>] [-clear] [-count] [-case] [-date] [-regexp | -word] [-before [<#>]] [-after [<#>]] [-<# before+after>] [<pattern>] [<count> [<start>]]



Doesn’t print the ‘Lastlog:’ and ‘End of Lastlog’ messages.


Output the lastlog to a file instead of the active window.


Specifies the window to check.


Only displays results since the previous lastlog.


Only displays results since you previous away status.


Specifies the levels to check (e.g. -joins -quits -hilight)


Removes the previous results from the active window.


Displays how many lines match.


Performs a case-sensitive matching.


Prepends each row with the message’s date


The given text pattern is a regular expression.


The text must match full words.


Forces to display the lastlog, even if it exceeds 1000 lines.


Include this many lines of content after the match.


Include this many lines of content before the match.


Include this many lines of content around the match.


Display a maximum number of count lines.


Skip the last start lines.

The pattern to search for and the maximum of lines to display; if no parameter is given, the entire window buffer will be displayed.


Searches the active window for a pattern and displays the result.


/LASTLOG holiday
/LASTLOG 'is on vacation' 10
/LASTLOG -force -file ~/mike.log 'mike'
/LASTLOG -hilight
/LASTLOG -5 searchterm

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