Tips and Tricks

zsh completion for irssi options.

you can download/see it here
the extensions in included in default zsh distribution since 2002-03-07 (should be version 4.0.1)

hide aliases

sometimes i found it quite useful to have a much more quiet irssi :)

/alias hideadd eval set activity_hide_targets $activity_hide_targets $-
/alias hideclear set -c activity_hide_targets
/alias hidelevels.clear set -c activity_hide_level
/alias hidelevels.set set activity_hide_level parts joins quits nicks modes
/alias hidelist set activity_hide_targets
/alias hideset set activity_hide_targets $-

i have replaced the aliases with a simple script. see (source)

mIRC-like flashing with putty

to get notified off activities, while im working, i use the following setup:


/set beep_msg_level MSGS HILIGHT DCCMSGS


Audible bell (switch Ctrl+a Ctrl+g)


  • no bell and steady on bell

right aligned nicks

/format own_msg {ownmsgnick $2 {ownnick $[-9]0}}$1
/format own_msg_channel {ownmsgnick $3 {ownnick $[-9]0}{msgchannel $1}}$2
/format pubmsg_me {pubmsgmenick $2 {menick $[-9]0}}$1
/format pubmsg_me_channel {pubmsgmenick $3 {menick $[-9]0}{msgchannel $1}}$2
/format pubmsg_hilight {pubmsghinick $0 $3 $[-9]1}$2
/format pubmsg_hilight_channel {pubmsghinick $0 $4 $[-9]1{msgchannel $2}}$3
/format pubmsg {pubmsgnick $2 {pubnick $[-9]0}}$1
/format pubmsg_channel {pubmsgnick $3 {pubnick $[-9]0}{msgchannel $1}}$2

how to highlight my own lines ?

for readability i like to have my own lines to use a specific color, to be able to differenciate my text from other’s at a glance. paste this in irssi:

/format own_msg {ownmsgnick $2 {ownnick $0}}%g$1

the last part %g is the color green. so all my lines will be green. don’t forget to use /save to make this permanent.




to view irssi’s uptime

ssh/telnet alias

/alias TELNET window new hidden;window name telnet;exec -name telnet -nosh -interactive -window telnet $-
/alias SSH window new hidden;window name ssh;exec -name ssh -nosh -interactive -window ssh $-

happy mudding, telnetting :)

icq client in irssi?:)

/alias MICQ window new hidden;window name micq;exec -name micq -nosh -interactive -window micq $- but you could also try BitlBee

news reader in irssi?:)

no problem:
/alias NNTP window new hide;window name news;exec printf 'article <$0> quit '|nc nntp|tr -d ' ' hmm now there is a script for this purpose too. checkout (source)

autocorrect feature in irssi?

/completion -auto .) :)
/completion -auto anywya anyway
/completion sio

Write sio press <tab> key and it will be replaced with

Where are my completions/replaces gone?

With latest irssi cvs the format changed a bit. cras merged replaces and completions

completions = {
  wid = { value = ""; };
  sid = { value = ""; };
  ios = { value = ""; };
  ":9" = { value = ":)"; auto = "yes"; };

And there is now a command to maintain the completions:

/completion [-auto] <key> <value>
/completion -delete <key>

To get the replaces like behavior add the completion with -auto to the commandline.

/ame & /asay

/alias AME foreach channel /me $-; foreach query /me $T $-
/alias ASAY foreach channel /eval msg $$C $$-; foreach query /eval msg $$T $$-

for latest CVS you could use (cvs from 2002-10-14.18:24 or later)

/alias AME foreach channel ${k}me $-; foreach query ${k}me $-
/alias ASAY foreach channel ${k}msg * $-; foreach query ${k}msg * $-

the alias is command char independed now.

Automatically updating the changed date in vim.

<Geert> For editing Irssi scripts with vim auto-change timestamp on closing
<Geert> autocmd BufWrite *.pl %s/changed     => '.*/="changed     => '" . strftime("%c") . "',"/e
<Geert> on the .vimrc

How to dump irssi perl variables for debugging?

/alias dump script exec use Data::Dumper \; print Data::Dumper->new([\$0-])->Dump

how to send messages without showing up in scrollback/log?

I use /alias QMSG quote privmsg $0 :$1- for this purpose. it has the advantage over /^msg that it works with command char ^.
if you want to auth against some service like Q/Chanserv you now can use:
/network add -autosendcmd "qmsg AUTH nick pass" Quakenet

How to protect irssi from being closed accidently?

/alias quit echo dont do this at home if you like to close irssi for some reason use //quit.

my anti annoyance filters ;)

/ignore -channels #chan1,#chan2,#chan3 * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS
/ignore -channels #chan1,#chan2,#chan3 -regexp -pattern (away|gone|back|playin|weg|wech|returned) * ACTIONS

Disclaimer: of course you will miss some stuff with this ignores. but for me it makes it more readable.

Another way to get rid of some message levels is /scrollback levelclear I use: /sb levelclear -level JOINS,PARTS,QUITS,NICKS,CLIENTCRAP,CRAP,MODE,TOPICS,KICKS.

How to update all irssi scripts at once?

Use git pull

How to use different formats for the statusbar clock and the timestamp in scrollback?

to set the scrollback format use:

/format timestamp {timestamp %%H:%%M:%%S }

(default: /format timestamp {timestamp $Z})

to set the statusbar clock format use:

/set timestamp_format %H:%M:00

How to toggle between 2 windows?

/bind meta-x command window last

now pressing meta/alt+x toggles between 2 windows.

The fastest way to close a query is…?

just type /q (without any parameters) in the query window.

How to show the prompt in the active split window?

first make it only visible in the active window with

/statusbar prompt visible active

Then make it a window-statusbar

/statusbar prompt type window

How can i change the timezone of the clock in irssi?

/script exec $ENV{'TZ'}='<nameofyourtimezone>'

e.g. /script exec $ENV{'TZ'}='UTC' to run the clock in irssi on UTC while your system is maybe using CET.

How can i add all my open channels to the irssi channel list?

/alias ADDALLCHANNELS script exec foreach my $$channel (Irssi::channels()) { Irssi::command("channel add -auto $$channel->{name} $$channel->{server}->{tag} $$channel->{key}") }

this adds all your channels with auto join enabled. if you just wanna add them remove the -auto.

thanks to Valentin Batz (senneth) for the alias.

how can i disable snotes in the statuswindow again?

/window level ALL -snotes
/window new hidden  
/window level +snotes

How can i force irssi to redraw the whole screen?

you can use /redraw. on most terminals pressing ctrl+l (in screen ctrl+a l) should do the same.
of course you can bind it in irssi aswell: /bind ^L redraw.