Tips and Tricks

zsh completion for irssi options.

you can download/see it here
the extensions in included in default zsh distribution since 2002-03-07 (should be version 4.0.1)

hide aliases

sometimes i found it quite useful to have a much more quiet irssi :)

/alias hideadd eval set activity_hide_targets $activity_hide_targets $-
/alias hideclear set -c activity_hide_targets
/alias hidelevels.clear set -c activity_hide_level
/alias hidelevels.set set activity_hide_level parts joins quits nicks modes
/alias hidelist set activity_hide_targets
/alias hideset set activity_hide_targets $-

i have replaced the aliases with a simple script. see (source)

mIRC-like flashing with putty

to get notified off activities, while im working, i use the following setup:


/set beep_msg_level MSGS HILIGHT DCCMSGS


Audible bell (switch Ctrl+a Ctrl+g)


right aligned nicks

/format own_msg {ownmsgnick $2 {ownnick $[-9]0}}$1
/format own_msg_channel {ownmsgnick $3 {ownnick $[-9]0}{msgchannel $1}}$2
/format pubmsg_me {pubmsgmenick $2 {menick $[-9]0}}$1
/format pubmsg_me_channel {pubmsgmenick $3 {menick $[-9]0}{msgchannel $1}}$2
/format pubmsg_hilight {pubmsghinick $0 $3 $[-9]1}$2
/format pubmsg_hilight_channel {pubmsghinick $0 $4 $[-9]1{msgchannel $2}}$3
/format pubmsg {pubmsgnick $2 {pubnick $[-9]0}}$1
/format pubmsg_channel {pubmsgnick $3 {pubnick $[-9]0}{msgchannel $1}}$2

uptime alias

put it in your .irssi/config in the alias section as one line:

UPTIME = "eval exec - expr `date +%s` - \$F | awk '{print "Irssi uptime: "int(\\$1/3600/24)"d "int(\\$1/3600%24)"h "int(\\$1/60%60)"m "int(\\$1%60)"s" }'";

ssh/telnet alias

/alias TELNET window new hidden;window name telnet;exec -name telnet -nosh -interactive -window telnet $-
/alias SSH window new hidden;window name ssh;exec -name ssh -nosh -interactive -window ssh $-

happy mudding, telnetting :)

icq client in irssi?:)

/alias MICQ window new hidden;window name micq;exec -name micq -nosh -interactive -window micq $- but you could also try BitlBee

news reader in irssi?:)

no problem:
/alias NNTP window new hide;window name news;exec printf 'article <$0> quit '|nc nntp|tr -d ' ' hmm now there is a script for this purpose too. checkout (source)

autocorrect feature in irssi?

/completion -auto .) :)
/completion -auto anywya anyway
/completion sio

Write sio press <tab> key and it will be replaced with

Where are my completions/replaces gone?

With latest irssi cvs the format changed a bit. cras merged replaces and completions

completions = {
  wid = { value = ""; };
  sid = { value = ""; };
  ios = { value = ""; };
  ":9" = { value = ":)"; auto = "yes"; };

And there is now a command to maintain the completions:

/completion [-auto] <key> <value>
/completion -delete <key>

To get the replaces like behavior add the completion with -auto to the commandline.

/ame & /asay

/alias AME foreach channel /me $-; foreach query /me $T $-
/alias ASAY foreach channel /eval msg $$C $$-; foreach query /eval msg $$T $$-

for latest CVS you could use (cvs from 2002-10-14.18:24 or later)

/alias AME foreach channel ${k}me $-; foreach query ${k}me $-
/alias ASAY foreach channel ${k}msg * $-; foreach query ${k}msg * $-

the alias is command char independed now.

Automatically updating the changed date in vim.

<Geert> For editing Irssi scripts with vim auto-change timestamp on closing
<Geert> autocmd BufWrite *.pl %s/changed     => '.*/="changed     => '" . strftime("%c") . "',"/e
<Geert> on the .vimrc

How to dump irssi perl variables for debugging?

/alias dump script exec use Data::Dumper \; print Data::Dumper->new([\$0-])->Dump

how to send messages without showing up in scrollback/log?

I use /alias QMSG quote privmsg $0 :$1- for this purpose. it has the advantage over /^msg that it works with command char ^.
if you want to auth against some service like Q/Chanserv you now can use:
/network add -autosendcmd "qmsg [email protected] AUTH nick pass" Quakenet

How to protect irssi from being closed accidently?

/alias quit echo dont do this at home if you like to close irssi for some reason use //quit.

my anti annoyance filters ;)

/ignore -channels #chan1,#chan2,#chan3 * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS
/ignore -channels #chan1,#chan2,#chan3 -regexp -pattern (away|gone|back|playin|weg|wech|returned) * ACTIONS

Disclaimer: of course you will miss some stuff with this ignores. but for me it makes it more readable.

Another way to get rid of some message levels is /scrollback levelclear I use: /sb levelclear -levels JOINS,PARTS,QUITS,NICKS,CLIENTCRAP,CRAP,MODE,TOPICS,KICKS.

How to update all irssi scripts at once?

Use git pull

How to use different formats for the statusbar clock and the timestamp in scrollback?

#### to set the scrollback format use:

/format timestamp {timestamp %%H:%%M:%%S }

(default: /format timestamp {timestamp $Z})

to set the statusbar clock format use:

/set timestamp_format %H:%M:00

How to toggle between 2 windows?

/bind meta-x command window last

now pressing meta/alt+x toggles between 2 windows.

The fastest way to close a query is…?

just type /q (without any parameters) in the query window.

How to show the prompt in the active split window?

first make it only visible in the active window with

/statusbar prompt visible active

Then make it a window-statusbar

/statusbar prompt type window

How can i change the timezone of the clock in irssi?

/script exec $ENV{'TZ'}='<nameofyourtimezone>'

e.g. /script exec $ENV{'TZ'}='UTC' to run the clock in irssi on UTC while your system is maybe using CET.

How can i add all my open channels to the irssi channel list?

/alias ADDALLCHANNELS script exec foreach my $$channel (Irssi::channels()) { Irssi::command("channel add -auto $$channel->{name} $$channel->{server}->{tag} $$channel->{key}") }

this adds all your channels with auto join enabled. if you just wanna add them remove the -auto.

thanks to Valentin Batz (senneth) for the alias.

how can i disable snotes in the statuswindow again?

/window level ALL -snotes
/window new hidden  
/window level +snotes

How can i force irssi to redraw the whole screen?

you can use /redraw. on most terminals pressing ctrl+l (in screen ctrl+a l) should do the same.
of course you can bind it in irssi aswell: /bind ^L redraw.