There are several ways you can get irssi:

  • Sources for the latest release. They're pretty easy to compile, but read the included INSTALL file if you get into trouble.
  • Binaries for the latest release.
  • Nightly development snapshots. They might be broken once in a while, but usually should work just fine. You can get them as .tar.gz sources or binaries.
  • SVN - You can also get the very latest version that exists. It works mostly like nightly snapshots, but is a bit more difficult to compile.


  • Latest release version: 0.8.17
  • Download .tar.gz (sig) .tar.bz2 (sig)

    To verify the signatures:

    • gpg --keyserver --recv-keys DDBEF0E1
    • You shouldn't really trust this key without verifying its fingerprint. See it with gpg --fingerprint and ask someone if it matches (eg. #irssi).
    • gpg --verify irssi-0.8.17.tar.gz.asc
    • This key is different from the one used to sign binaries of versions before 0.8.10.
    • More gpg help can be found from GPG manual

GLIB (at least version 2.0) is required to compile Irssi


Binary packages for latest version (0.8.17)

Nightly development snaphots


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