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The 404 poem:

  It is said, "To err is human,"
  That quote from alt.times.lore,
  Alas, you have made an error,
  So I say, "404."

  Double-check your URL,
  As we all have heard before.
  You ask for an invalid filename,
  And I respond, "404."

  Perhaps you made a typo --
  Your fingers may be sore --
  But until you type it right,
  You'll only get 404.

  Maybe you followed a bad link,
  Surfing a foreign shore;
  You'll just have to tell that author
  About this 404.

  I'm just a lowly server
  (Who likes to speak in metaphor),
  So for a request that Idon't know,
  I must return 404.

  Be glad I'm not an old mainframe
  That might just dump its core,
  Because then you'd get a ten-meg file
  Instead of this 404.

  I really would like to help you,
  But I don't know what you're looking for,
  And since I don't know what you want,
  I give you 404.

  Remember Poe, insane with longing
  For his tragically lost Lenore.
  Instead, you quest for files.
  Quoth the Raven, "404!"
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